Caring psychotherapy & hypnotherapy

You can be everything you’ve always dreamed of being, whether that’s being free from a phobia or a fear, wanting more confidence or just beating stress and anxiety.

Bereavement Spaces

From a professional point of view I understand how our brains work and how pain and grief can begin to be eased with the gentle combination of hypnotherapy, NLP and psychotherapy. Together we can find your way forward.

Body Spaces

The unconscious is a powerful force and may well have it’s reasons for getting in the way of you losing weight or liking the face or body you have. Hypnosis, NLP and psychotherapy will find out what’s been going on and how to help you put it right once and for all.

Childhood Spaces

With stories, hypnosis or play we’ll change old unhelpful patterns and lay down new pathways that will lead to happier times. I’m one of a handful of therapists in this Country trained in a specific technique to quickly resolve post traumatic stress and phobias.

Happier Spaces

I’ve worked with many people, men and women, from all walks of life, who have felt all of these and much more and needed a guiding hand to help them back on the path. I’ll give you skills that you can use throughout the rest of your life to make every space in it the best and happiest that it can be.


Even if you know your fear is irrational, you’re not dealing with the logical part of your mind and need some expert help. Hypnotherapy and NLP are invaluable for gently reprogramming that part of you so that phobias lose their trigger and your mind becomes a calm, peaceful space.

Professional support

Or is stress getting to your organisation? Do you have high levels of staff signed off sick or with low morale? Or is one or more of your employees suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder after an incident?


There are ways to quickly begin to make your relationships so much better and to really be someone who makes others’ souls blossom. And you can attract those who make you flourish and learn how to truly love and be loved.

Trauma & anxiety

Sometimes we need some expert help to unravel what’s been happening and straighten out our lives again.
Hypnotherapy and NLP are invaluable for gently reprogramming your mind so that trauma loses its fierce hold and anxiety begins to make way for a calm, peaceful space.

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