I use a series of therapies that tap into resources you already have within yourself. Even if you don’t feel amazing now, you’ve achieved amazing things in the past. I’ll help you use these resources to change the way you behave in the future.


Hypnotherapy can help you change any aspect of your life that you want to change. It’s all about finding the resources you already have within you and channeling them.

Hypnotherapy is a natural, effective way of making contact with the ‘subconscious self’, a source of many of our problems as well as a tremendous reservior of untapped potential, strength and knowledge.

How it works

Hypnotherapy is a wonderful, natural way of working with the unconscious mind to bring about therapeutic changes.

Trance is a ‘natural learning state’ – and nearly all of us have experienced it many times. Maybe you’ve found yourself daydreaming and not noticed things happening around you? Or you may have been driving and not remember your journey. These trance-like states are just self hypnosis.

And when you’re in a wonderful, relaxed state you can create amazing results.


Using neurolinguistic programming is like finding the ‘owners’ manual’ for your brain! It taps into your potential, converts it to action and finds ways out of problems and into being successful.

You can use NLP to take control of your emotions and body to have the life you want, to be more successful and to communicate more powerfully and effectively with other people.

How it works

NLP works by looking at how your mind and body work together (the ‘neuro’ bit). Then it looks at the insights into your thinking you can get by using language carefully (the ‘linguistic’ bit). Finally, ‘programming’ means ways of studying thinking and behavioural patterns (the ‘programmes’) you already use in your daily life.

Understanding NLP will mean you can:

  • harness skills and attitudes to help you achieve what you want to achieve and do what you want to do
  • think effectively and clearly
  • be better and more effective at what you do everyday
  • be a powerful and effective communicator – even with people you’ve found hard to talk to in the past
  • manage how you think, your moods and how you behave much more effectively.


I use Solution-Focused Therapy – that means we look at how you’ve got to where you are now and, most importantly, we’ll find the way forward for you. There’s no wallowing around in problems – just a keen focus on how we progress, leave them behind and set you free.

How it works

You have immense resources within you – even if you don’t think you have! Solution-Focused Therapy is all about accessing these resources, tapping their potential and harnessing it to drive you forward.

With hypnosis we’ll lay down healthy new patterns of behaviour to set you free to be all you want to be.

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