Making A Choice

For five years I’d put off having a hip replacement. I knew things were getting worse when our dog Poppy had to keep waiting for me to catch up as I slowly shuffled across the fields. I wasn’t so much scared about the pain or things that could go wrong in the operation. The main […]

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Extreme politeness

How often do you say thank you to yourself? Do you ever utter those two words, not to anyone else but to yourself? Even being a polite person, I don’t think that I actually physically say those words to myself. Ever. Until tonight that is.   Being technologically challenged, I just tweeted myself on Twitter,

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Tonight I’m going to be…

Do you remember the television programme ‘Stars In Their Eyes’ where contestants impersonated showbiz stars, saying “Tonight I’m going to be…’”? They then disappeared through the doors, and reappeared in a puff of smoke as the famous singer they were going to impersonate. Well, yesterday, I decided to do an experiment on myself and become

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One More Chance

Several years ago I planted a hydrangea in a pot. For the first few years it grew well and then suddenly seemed to have had enough of life and gave up. There were no flowers and really no leaves to speak of. Just some stumpy brown wood. Being a haphazard kind of gardener I meant

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