Extreme politeness

How often do you say thank you to yourself? Do you ever utter those two words, not to anyone else but to yourself?
Even being a polite person, I don’t think that I actually physically say those words to myself. Ever.

Until tonight that is.

My tweet saying "thanks very much for the retweet" to myself.


Being technologically challenged, I just tweeted myself on Twitter, thanking myself for re-tweeting my own post.  It was a mistake as I’d meant to thank other tweeters but got it wrong and I found it unreasonably funny when I realised what I’d done. As funny as when I apologise to someone for bumping into them and find out they’re a lamp post.

And it got me thinking. Does anyone ever say thank you to themselves?  We’re brought up in the hopes that we’ll say thank you to other people but what about ourselves?

Try it. If it feels strange it’s because it’s like speaking a foreign language that you’ve never heard. And you may just like it. Or at the very least you might find it as funny as I did.

I’m getting to like this new language so, as practice makes perfect, thank you me.

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