Looking For A Rainbow

We went looking for a rainbow today.

As the downpour ceased and the sun shone momentarily through the clouds I knew it would be out there somewhere.

So, throwing on our coats, we started off round the village. As we looked for rainbows we passed by the cemetery, peaceful behind the low walls, and I felt myself drawn in.

There, where the snowdrops grow wild and proud, were tombstones going back to the First World War, kept clean and white by caring hands.

And in the newer part of the cemetery well tended graves nestled amongst wood anemones. A few simple words marking the impact on the lives of those left behind.

Wood anemones

One tiny gravestone, amongst the bigger ones, spoke of lives which must surely have been shattered. It was for the memory of Little Jimmy, who’d lived for just over three months.

Most people we meet have had heartbreak in their lives or will know it at some point. Very often we’d never even guess at all people have been through or where their thoughts are that day.

And sometimes just a few kind words from us may be what’s needed to shine a ray of hope and light into their hearts.

We didn’t find a rainbow today but I think my heart grew that little bit more.

1 thought on “Looking For A Rainbow”

  1. I love this piece of writing. It speaks of true empathy, and noticing what is really important, and beautiful, in life.
    It spoke to me, and I shall muse on its wisdom as I`m busy working today, the image fresh in my mind.
    Thank you for this beautiful space, Pippa.

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