Loss and bereavement

Caring, thoughtful, Oxfordshire-based therapy to help you overcome loss and bereavement

If you’ve found this page because you’re grieving for someone you loved then may I begin by offering you my deepest, heartfelt sympathy. Death is the tragic downside of loving someone, whether it’s a person or a pet. And even if you’ve had the misfortune to have been through this many times before it can still leave you desperately floundering, not knowing what to do, crawling through dark days.

When someone’s bereaved it often seems that at first there’s a lot of support around but as the following days turn into weeks and then months it can feel as if you’re expected to have got over it. People stop asking how you are or they may feel afraid to mention the person you’ve lost in case they upset you.

But this can leave a huge hole of loneliness, in some ways as hard to cope with as the days after your loss. Sometimes too it’s easy to feel stuck in one of the ‘stages’ of grief. Maybe the anger at being left is over-shadowing you or you’re still in denial or weighed down with guilt.

Whatever stage you’re at, if you feel you just don’t know how to move forward, this may be the time to have help. I know how it feels, having crawled through many of those dark days myself. And, however impossible it seems, I know that the light can begin again to embrace your life and return you to a state of peace.

From a professional point of view I understand how our brains work and how pain and grief can begin to be eased with the gentle combination of hypnotherapy, NLP and psychotherapy. Together we can find your way forward.

What people say

“ For five years I made attempts to sort it out but every time I came near anything to do with my beloved mum I would find it too upsetting and stop. That’s when Pippa came to my rescue – without her amazing help and encouragement there would still be a mountain of clutter under my stairs and in my hallway.”
A lady living in the clutter of grief.

Prefer talking to a human being? Me too.

For a pressure free exploration of how I may be able to help you just call me on 01993 852297 or send an email. Taking the first step can be daunting – let me make it as painless and enjoyable as possible.

Is this for you?

Do you have a sense of being held still in grief and can’t see a way through it?
Are others expecting that you should be getting on with your life and you no longer want to bother them with how you feel?
Does the pain of the person or pet who has died still hurt just as much as when they left, even though time has marched on?
Are you feeling swamped with guilt or anger?
Or is there still a sense of denial and that any moment they’ll walk back through the door?
If any of these, or more, are how you are feeling then a helping hand is needed. Someone who understands, without judgement, and can guide you into a better space in your heart and thoughts.

Taking the first steps

Sometimes, making the first step to get in touch can be difficult. Is Hypnotherapy right for you? Will it help? Is it necessary right now? Don’t worry – just by being here you’re on the right road.

If and when you feel it’s the right time to get in touch, just call. I can talk you through the process and we can see if it can help – no pressure and no hard sell. When you’re ready, I’m here.

1. The first step

Start with a free, no obligation chat on the phone to see how best I can help you.

2. Moving Forwards

When you’re ready to book a session we’ll find a date that works for us.  I’ll then email you some questions to answer and send me back before we meet.

First sessionFollowing sessions
Your first session will last up to 2 hours with time for me to prepare and review your session.Each follow-up session will last up to an hour and a half
The cost for individuals is £110The cost for individuals is £85
The cost for couples is £180The cost for couples is £140

When you’re ready, get in touch.

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