Helping you build a positive perspective and overcome the things that are holding you back

There are times in many people’s lives when they know things could be different but they just don’t know how to make that happen. Often people know what’s wrong, they may have even talked it through many times, but still they’re stuck in an unhappy space.

It may be that you’ve been struggling to find motivation or your self-esteem is rock bottom. It could be that childhood unhappiness and beliefs are still clinging to you or habits getting in the way of really living your life.

Sometimes it can feel like an overwhelming sense of unease or unhappiness, being out of control and not the person you were born to be. It may even be making it’s presence felt by compulsive behaviour or a sense of blackness and depression.

I’ve worked with many people, men and women, from all walks of life, who have felt all of these and much more and needed a guiding hand to help them back on the path.

I’ll give you skills that you can use throughout the rest of your life to make every space in it the best and happiest that it can be.

What people say

I wanted to let you know that the sessions I had with you have been a MASSIVE help for me. Your help wasn’t just ‘there and then’, it carries on in my mind all the time. When things get tough all your input, help and advice make such a difference, because you empower people to take charge of their life in such positive, constructive ways.
From a mother who had turned to alcohol to help her deal with depression and anxiety.

Prefer talking to a human being? Me too.

For a pressure free exploration of how I may be able to help you just call me on 01993 852297 or send an email. Taking the first step can be daunting – let me make it as painless and enjoyable as possible.

Is this for you?

If you’ve been feeling like you want to be happier or get rid of worry or be in control of your life then I can help.

If you’ve been struggling to get out of bed and there’s a space in your life or in your head that’s heavy and dark then we can shine the light back on so you can see where to go.

If compulsive behaviours or low self-esteem are pulling you down maybe this is the right time to break free.

Taking the first steps

Sometimes, making the first step to get in touch can be difficult. Is Hypnotherapy right for you? Will it help? Is it necessary right now? Don’t worry – just by being here you’re on the right road.

If and when you feel it’s the right time to get in touch, just call. I can talk you through the process and we can see if it can help – no pressure and no hard sell. When you’re ready, I’m here.

1. The first step

Start with a free, no obligation chat on the phone to see how best I can help you.

2. Moving Forwards

When you’re ready to book a session we’ll find a date that works for us.  I’ll then email you some questions to answer and send me back before we meet.

First sessionFollowing sessions
Your first session will last up to 2 hours with time for me to prepare and review your session.Each follow-up session will last up to an hour and a half
The cost for individuals is £110The cost for individuals is £85
The cost for couples is £180The cost for couples is £140

When you’re ready, get in touch.

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