Overcoming phobias and fears for good

We’re born with two fears; falling and loud noises. All our other fears and phobias are learned – and can just as easily be unlearned. Phobias come in all shapes and sizes, from flying and spiders to more obscure ones like a fear of vegetables, buttons or the number thirteen. And they can affect anyone, even the most intelligent and rational person.

I’ve known grown men run out of a room at the thought of being made to dance and women in positions of power quake with fear at the thought of speaking in public.

You may not even know how or why you became so afraid of something. And while other people may make fun of you as your legs turn to jelly, to you it’s no laughing matter and may literally feel like life or death.

Strange as it may sound your mind does actually see it that way and, for whatever reason, has been trying to help you by triggering the fight, flight or freeze response.

You’ve been living in a space where the thing that causes the fear must be avoided at all costs.

Even if you know your fear is irrational, you’re not dealing with the logical part of your mind and need some expert help.

Hypnotherapy and NLP are invaluable for gently reprogramming that part of you so that phobias lose their trigger and your mind becomes a calm, peaceful space.

What people say

Last night was the first night in years I didn’t pull all the bed out and check everywhere! I opened the window and there was a spider and I didn’t feel scared. I now sleep soundly, which is amazing, as I was having night terrors every night!! Thank you for all you have done for me. I still can’t quite believe it.
A lady whose terror of spiders was so severe it was giving her night terrors.

Prefer talking to a human being? Me too.

For a pressure free exploration of how I may be able to help you just call me on 01993 852297 or send an email. Taking the first step can be daunting – let me make it as painless and enjoyable as possible.

Is this for you?

Is a fear of something or a phobia affecting your life?
Do you avoid doing something because of that fear?
Does even the thought of something you’re afraid of make you panic?
Would you rather do anything other than be confronted by the thing you fear?
Do you know it’s irrational but seem to have no control over it?

If any of these are true then I can help. Even if you don’t understand why you’re afraid it’s my job to work it out and clear it. I can help you overcome fears and phobias quickly and help you take control back of your life.

Taking the first steps

Sometimes, making the first step to get in touch can be difficult. Is Hypnotherapy right for you? Will it help? Is it necessary right now? Don’t worry – just by being here you’re on the right road.

If and when you feel it’s the right time to get in touch, just call. I can talk you through the process and we can see if it can help – no pressure and no hard sell. When you’re ready, I’m here.

1. The first step

Start with a free, no obligation chat on the phone to see how best I can help you.

2. Moving Forwards

When you’re ready to book a session we’ll find a date that works for us.  I’ll then email you some questions to answer and send me back before we meet.

First sessionFollowing sessions
Your first session will last up to 2 hours with time for me to prepare and review your session.Each follow-up session will last up to an hour and a half
The cost for individuals is £110The cost for individuals is £85
The cost for couples is £180The cost for couples is £140

When you’re ready, get in touch.

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